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Most of us have this notion that entrepreneurship means paying ourselves last, only after all other expenses have been paid, and that “profit” is only a taxable line on our financial statements, but never actual cold hard cash in our bank account.


We find ourselves scraping by month to month, never knowing how much we’ve actually earned. This is treated as a temporary way of life, but too many business owners never get to experience true financial freedom. We find ourselves stuck in a cycle of "as soon as money comes in we pay our bills," but then there’s not much left over. 


We decided to find a better way.  We wanted to actually see our profit, and we wanted to help our clients to be more profitable as well.

We are committed to eradicating entrepreneurial poverty.


PC2019-3342 Joleyne.jpg

Joleyne Young | Owner/CEO

 Joleyne attended AIB college and graduated in 1990 with an Associate's Degree in Accounting and graduated again in 2010 with a Bachelor's Of Science In Accounting. Joleyne is a Licensed Public Accountant and has worked in public and private accounting for over 30 years. Joleyne's hobbies include traveling, movies, gardening, spending time with her kids and her dog.

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